Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I can feel it!  My waist is slimmer, the weight is slowly starting to drip off.  I can't believe it!  Even without a scale I know it.  Pants that were starting to fit really tight after gaining weight are starting to fit me perfectly again!  No more struggling to button them up.  Which means my wardrobe just expanded.  I hate forcing myself into clothes, it's just a reminder of how fat I am!  But now that they slide on with ease I can show them off to the world :D

Slowly but surely I'll reach my goal.  Slowly but surely I'll look incredible and thin!

Also...I cut myself again.  About two nights ago.  So many thin, perfect razor cuts adorn my right side.  With everything else I feel the need to be even, but with this...no.  Not at all.  My right hip is where the cuts always go.  No where else.  Strange to think.  When someone taps my left side, I automatically tap my right side, I eat everything in even numbers.  Yet cutting doesn't need to be even.  I don't understand it but that's okay.  I only let doctors give me shots on my left side so maybe that's how it balances out?  Who knows..

Unfortunately I didn't think about this beforehand.  I have to change costumes in the dressing room for the play I'm in...  And my hip is not the easiest of places to hide when I'm changing from dress to dress to dress.  Especially when one of them is such a fast change that I literally only have time to take one dress off and throw the other one on.  Thankfully that gets done in a blackout backstage and not in the dressing room and I don't think anyone can see very well.  But still...I'm worried someone will accidentally see..

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