Friday, November 25, 2011


Well . . . I hate holidays.  I love being around my family and everything but hate that there is so much food everywhere!!  I did pretty well before dinner.  Definitely more than I was planning but I didn't feel guilty.  I ate half a banana, an apple, a handful of grapes, and a bag of fritos.  Okay . . . putting it in writing seems a lot worse than when I just thought about it . . . shoot . . .  Well there's nothing I can do about that now.

Then for dinner I ate too much.  And by that I mean I ate one plateful (a normal serving of food).  But we all know that "normal" is too much.  Especially when you consider how fat the American population is as a whole.  It disgusts me.  Well, I ate turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, asparagus, and bread with butter.  And, of course, my turkey and mashed potatoes had gravy.  Gravy = pure fat.  Then I had a rootbeer to go with it which is about 170 calories on its own.  And for dessert I had a bowl of ice cream with about a table spoon of log cabin maple syrup on top.  Ughhh!!!  Too much food!!!  I seriously need to start working out more than I do.  And eat less.

Now all I want to do is go to sleep!!  Tomorrow we are going to an apple orchard near by which will be great.  Although my Aunt will try to get me to eat a caramel apple or some apple cookies . . . or both.  And I have no idea how I'm going to handle that.  Logic is telling me to say no to both!  But we'll see what will power does tomorrow.  I just have to remember that it's not worth it!  The taste will only last for a few minutes.  But the feeling of being thin will last much longer.


  1. Hey hun,
    thanks for your comments on my blog. I love reading your blog too. We really do think alike.
    That whole saying "nothing tastes as good as feeling thin", while true, never really stops me binging. I'm one of those people who needs reverse thinspo and so I remind myself that nothing feels as fucking miserable as being the fat girl.
    If you're going to an apple orchard, can't you just eat an apple? Coz that would be suitable and less cal than a caramel one or cookies.

  2. just started following you.
    if it makes u feel any better, i absolutely binged this thanksgiving. i think the stress of school around this time of year causes it. i hope the anxiety goes down and u feel a little better, tomorrow is a new day;)


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