Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well I just got back to school.  I'm currently the only one in the sorority house so literally nothing is going on.  I also just weighed myself.  I'm at 133.2.  Ughh...  I suppose I should be happy that I lost over the break instead of gaining.  I'm down 1.4 lbs since I last weighed myself.  But still...I have 28 days until Christmas.  I need to lose at least 13.2 lbs by then.  Ideally I'd lose 18.2 but I don't know if I could pull that off.  I just need to push harder!

I'm attempting to fast today.  I've been awake for eight hours and haven't eaten yet.  And it's been about 20 since my last meal.  I'm drinking a lot of water to keep my mind off being hungry.  I know that, since it's our first day back from the break, people are going to try to convince me to go get dinner with them.  Somehow I need to find the will power to go eat with them but not let myself eat.  I'm so close yet so far away from my goal.

Time to update on the days for the challenge:
Day 6: List 10 things about your personality.
- I'm quick to learn, eager to please, put others' needs in front of my own, a great listener, dedicated, I thrive off stress and keeping myself busy, I over think everything, I'm creative and crafty, my mood can change very fast and I tend to go from 'happy' to depressed for no reason, and I'm competitive.

Day 7: Current weight
- 133.2 (I'm going from today since I didn't have a scale on the actual 7th day)

Day 8: Body part you want to change the most
- Without a doubt my stomach.  I have a gross gut that sticks out and makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Although I'd also like to get rid of the fat on my thighs and hips...  I never have liked my thighs.

Day 9: Brief plans for the Holidays
- Coming home from college and just hanging out at home, babysitting, maybe hanging out with some 'friends.'  Then having Christmas at my house and possibly going to visit college friends or have them come visit me, especially for New Years.

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