Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I did it.  I cut a design into my hip!  Before I post a picture of that I'm gonna respond to Judith Marie's comment on my previous post.

Judith Marie:  An x-acto knife (just figured out the spelling) looks like this.  Fun Fact:  When I was in 8th grade my mom was helping my friend and I work on a science project and we were using one of these to cut pipes and cardboard and an assortment of other things.  Somehow we were talking about how it could easily cut skin and started referring to it as a "flesh cutter."  And now that's exactly what I use it for.

And here's the design I made with it.  It felt so good to be making such precise marks.  Looking back on it I should have done five petals on the flower instead of 4 but that's okay.  It's positioned slightly to the left of my right hip bone.  Hidden by practically everything I wear.  Not sure about bathing suits but seeing as it's November I won't have to worry about that.

I'm leaving school to go on Thanksgiving break today.  My friend goes to school about 4 hours north of me so she's gonna swing by and pick me up before driving another 4 hours home.  She's getting here around noon and wants to grab lunch...great.  I was kinda counting on not eating lunch today since I'm gonna have to eat dinner.  I'll just have to eat something small and not eat all of it.  If I seriously want to get down to 120/115 by Christmas I'm gonna have to step up my game.

Day 4: Favorite Meal
- Spaghetti and meatballs.  More specifically my mom's recipe.  I can make it too; just as long as it's her recipe I think it's delicious.  But it's chalk full of calories so I refrain from making it.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty! I love how the petals are like little hearts. And how very smart of you to cut on your hip too. Much smarter than me, carving a bird on my leg where the whole world can see it if I wear shorts. Honestly, the bird was a stroke of genius and apparently used up all my genius because my location choice was an utter location fail.

    The X-acto knife looks a lot like what I call the no. 11 scalpel blade. I'll post some pics of my scalpels on my blog so you see what I mean.
    That's so pretty! I've been thinking about doing some hearts and your heart shaped petals make me want to do it even more!


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