Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!  I'm getting ready to go to sleep but realized I haven't posted on here in a couple of days.  In the morning I will weigh and measure myself for my starting stats for the ABC Diet!!  I'm pretty excited to try it out as I've heard a lot of people have achieved great results from it.  I've started planning out each day and have been mentally storing excuses to not eat or to eat certain items.  Hopefully it works out!

I'm just nervous for when I go back up to school...  I leave to go back to college on either January 9th or 10th.  Once I get back up to school this diet is going to be a lot harder.  My two closest friends at school (my sorority Big sister; and my roommate next semester) know about my anorexia and highly disapprove.  They constantly try to force me to eat or convince me that I'm better than this.  My Big also took me to the counseling center at school.  So getting past them is going to be extremely difficult!!  For those of you who don't know what a Big sister is, they are like a mentor.  Someone you can look up to as a role model in the sorority.  Not all Littles are close to their Bigs like I am though.  But this past semester my Big and I got really close!  Anyway, I am living in the sorority house next semester because I was a elected to a position on the executive committee.  So I will be rooming with one of my best friends and my Big is going to be my suite mate...I will be surrounded.  I'm already trying to think of excuses not to eat on fasting days and trying to plan extremely low-cal meals that aren't too obvious for days that are low-calorie.  I just hope I can pull this off...

I really hope the ABC Diet works.  I've been doing a lot of preparing for this diet.  I have the next few days planned out meal wise along with back-up plans incase things don't work out the way I thought they were going to.  It seems like it will all work out!  At least for my remaining time home.  I just wish people would let me deal with my life my way and not be so concerned about my eating habits.  Even though that's kind of what I want...people to care about me...  This is so messed up.  But this is a topic for another time.  I don't feel like getting in to the why and how of my anorexia right now.  I'll explain it all some other time.  After all, you have the right to know.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.  I'll come back on in the morning to post my starting stats!  Goodnight and Happy 2011 :D

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