Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally bought a new scale!  Erica and Megg would be so disappointed if they knew.  Just like they'd be disappointed if they knew I was still cutting.  Good thing they don't know :D  My scale is now carefully hidden in my closet.   Want to know what it said when I stepped on it a few minutes ago?!  129.6!  I finally got out of the 130's!!  So at least I know I'm making progress.  That puts my BMI at 19.7.  I can do this.  I can keep losing weight!

I went to bed super early last night.  Around 9:00pm and didn't wake up till 10:00am.  I'm so emotionally exhausted with everything.  Found out that Erica flew home yesterday.  Without telling anyone.  She just hopped a plane back to Vermont.  Of course she's apparently not talking to us for the next week anyway so whatever.  I haven't spoken to Megg since yesterday after our class got out.  I've been by myself since I left for the gym yesterday morning. 

Went to the gym again this morning.  Did some elliptical and some crunches.  For some reason the elliptical that I used today doesn't tell me I'm burning as many calories as the other one does.  For just as much work as I did yesterday to burn off 300cals I only burned 174's weird.  Well regardless the only cal intake I've had so far are my Calcium vitamins and my other multi-vitamins.  Each one is 15 cals a for 2 vitamins so I'm at a net intake of -144 so far, and it's 2:10pm.  Currently drinking a Coke Zero then might have an apple.  For anyone who reads this: Do you guys count the calories in fruits and vegetables?  I always do but lately I've been reading that some people don't.  So now I'm just curious as to why you do or do not count those calories...


  1. Heyo!
    Firstly, amazing BMI. I can't wait for my BMI to be out of the 20s. And yeah, I totally count the calories in fruit and vege. It sounds pedantic but honestly, an apple here, a pear there, some cabbage and hey presto that's over 200cal in that stuff. There's 45cal in an apple, which is a lot.
    I find that if I don't count the calories in those then I find myself wondering why I'm not losing weight faster and it's always because I'm missing thousands of calories per week worth of fruit and vege and sauce and drinks.
    Count it all honey!!!

  2. I do record them but it's mainly so that I know what I've eaten on that day. Most fruit and vegetables are great calorie wise so I don't worry about them too much. I just try to make sure that I don't overeat.

    I just saw that we have pretty much the same stats. I weighed 129 this morning too but I'm thinking that I might maintain for a while. People are starting to get worried about it, especially seeing that less than a year ago I weight around close to 210.

    But yes, it's nice to see someone else to have come this far. :)



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