Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ABC Diet ~ Day 5


Ehhh...Not the most successful of days.  But I've had worse.  I had kind of a hectic day and though I never actually ate something, I picked at a lot all day.  And I'm fairly certain my calories went over 100.  I'm just not sure by how much.  The worse part is that I picked at junk food all day which is just really not good.  Tomorrow's a 200 day and I'm hoping I do much better.  I'm gonna try to eat nothing until dinner time and a 200 cal soup.  That would be perfect :D  Lots of tea and water other than that.

I wish I had more time to update you, I feel like so much is going on in my life.  But I seriously need to get to bed.  I'm not babysitting tomorrow but I would like to catch up on some sleep before my 10am class.

I'm hoping I'll find time to write tomorrow?  We'll see.  I live a hectic and busy life.  What better lifestyle for someone like me?  I still hate the word anorexic.  I don't like to think of myself as one.  It doesn't seem to fit me.  So I restrict my food and eat less than most people.  So what?  Whatever...  I don't think it really matters.

Well I'm off to bed!  Hopefully tomorrow's post will have at least some details of what my life is currently like.  Goodnight!

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