Saturday, October 22, 2011

ABC Diet - Day 2


Hurray!  Stayed under my limit for the day :D  Fantastic!

- Propel Zero: 0
- 1/2 Smoked Turkey Sandwich from Panera - 210
- 1/4 Greek Salad from Panera - 92
- Tea: 0

I went to pick up my dress for my friends wedding (I'm walking her flower girl down the isle!!) today and she came with me.  And she wanted to go to lunch with me when we were done so we went to Panera.  Luckily I have all the calorie details and such in the notebook I carry around with me.  But Panera has the calories on the menu anyway which makes this so much easier.  So that's where all my calories from today came from.

I was supposed to go to her apartment for dinner where they were making chili and a bunch of other things.  I was extremely worried about that...  But, I got there around 5:30pm and had to be at rehearsal at 7:00pm and they were no where near being finished with the cooking so I got out of that really easily! I had thought about coming back to my room and going to sleep but decided not to.  So I'm done at 302! Tomorrow's a 300 cal day and I'm determined to accomplish it!  I'm tired of bending to the desire of food.  I'm tired of being weak.  It's time to show myself what I can do!!

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