Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing So Far

Every time I have thoughts of going back to my old habits, something makes me think "maybe tomorrow." Usually it's because I am guilted into eating something.  At my new nanny job, the woman I work for makes us both lunch.  So getting out of lunch is basically impossible.  Although she goes back to work next week and I should be on my own.  Meaning I will be drinking tea for lunch.  And lately my family has been eating dinner together every night and trying to get out of it yesterday didn't work.  Sooo I need to do some hardcore trying this time to escape meals.  We'll see how it goes.

My mom and I have started going for a walk every evening so that should help shed a little weight.  Although that's not enough so I'm starting to do some pool exercises as well.  Honestly I just need to lose weight anyway possible.  I can just feel the fat hanging from my body and it makes me sick.  I wish I could just peel it all off.

I just finished reading a book called Second Start to the Right.  It's about an anorexic 14-year-old.  She's 5 years younger than me but I find myself thinking very similar thoughts and it was an interesting read.  Also an easy read, I read it in a day.  I have another book on hold at the library about anorexia.  It's called Wasted.  I'm interested in reading that as well.

I'll keep you posted on everything that's going on :D  I hope to be on here more often.

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