Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fresh Start

Yes.  Summer will be my fresh start.  I am starting a new diet/exercise plan.

- Walk at least 2 miles everyday, even when I am tired
- Do crunches every morning, no matter what, increasing by 3 everyday
- Do crunches every night, no matter what, doing the same amount as the morning
- Eat one apple a day (supposedly it's a negative calorie food.  either way it's healthy)
- As always, skip out on meals whenever possible (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner)
- Do swimming exercises at least 3 times a week

Do Not's:
- No drinking soda
- No eating red meat
- No eating after 8:00pm
- No eating fast food

Both lists will be increasing as time passes.  My family knows about some of them (obviously not all of them).  As I add things I will update you.  I just needed a set list of rules to start off with to ensure that I have something to go by.

Today was good :D  My family had burgers (red meat = not okay) so I had Simply Harvest Chicken and Rice Soup and a salad.  I also went for a walk with my mom (she is doing the walks with me, we will hopefully change that to jogging in the near future).  I did 21 crunches tonight so I will be doing 24 tomorrow.

I will also report my progress everyday so that I can ensure I have motivation not to slack off.  The things that I accomplish I will write in pink (my favorite color) and the things that don't accomplish I will write in red and bold them so that they really stand out.

Check List:
- Walk at least 2 miles
- Morning crunches
- Evening crunches
- Eat one apple
- No soda
- No red meat 
- No eating after 8:00pm
- No fast food
- Weekly swimming exercise total: 0
- Amount of meals skipped: 1
       (Tally's started today so anything accomplished earlier in the week does not count)

I'm doing okay.  We'll see how everything goes.  I weighed myself today and I'm at 137.  That number needs to go DOWN!!!  This diet will be my savior...once again I will have order in my life.  Once again I will be in control.  And this time, I WILL be beautiful.

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