Saturday, May 28, 2011

No weight lost...


Still...  Well at least I didn't gain.  And I hardly ate anything today which is great :D

- Nothing
- 1/2 cup of angel hair pasta
- 1 apple
- Nothing
Snacks throughout the day
- Handful of carrots

And I'm not really that hungry!  I'm pretty proud of myself.  I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to do the same.  Today my parents went out on the boat and my brother and I didn't feel like going so we stayed home.  I made two cups of green tea in the morning so my mom didn't ask about breakfast.  Then they were gone for lunch so that was easy to not eat much.  I decided to eat my daily apple during lunch.  Then during dinner time I was babysitting so I just told my parents I ate there.  Tomorrow my parents are going out on the boat again so there's an opportunity to skip lunch.

I'm still disappointed though.  I completely forgot about walking/biking.  I ran errands with my brother today and then when I got back from babysitting my mom was getting ready to go to sleep so I couldn't use the treadmill in her room and it's too dark to go outside.  I know, no excuses.  If I don't way 134 tomorrow I'll know why!  How stupid of me...  Even if I did do everything else.  I also have yet to do any swimming exercises this week.  Maybe I'll just start those next week since tomorrow is the last day (I'm counting Monday-Sunday as a week no Sunday-Saturday).

The facebook idea is amazing.  I'm so glad I decided to make one.  I friended a bunch of other ana's and I've talked to a few of them and they are really great.  It helps to get my story out there and hear other's stories.  I spoke to a girl today who didn't realize this sort of thing could happen by accident.  Well that's definitely the way it was for me.  It started with me forgetting to eat dinner before rehearsals and then when rehearsal would end everywhere on campus was closed.  Slowly it just escalated without me realizing it until I was fully immersed.  It's crazy how something like that can just take over your life without you realizing.  And by the time you notice it has become a comfort to you that you can't let go of.  It becomes a part of you..

Check List:
Check scale
Morning crunches (30)
Walk/bike at least 2 miles
Eat one apple
Evening crunches (30)
No soda
No red meat 
No eating after 8:00pm
No fast food
- Weekly swimming exercise total: 0
- Amount of meals skipped this week: 4

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