Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is so frustrating!  I know that I'm losing weight.  I can feel it!  I feel emptier and lighter.  But I can't weigh out my progress!!  I seriously need to go buy a replacement scale and just keep it hidden.  Because I can't take all of this not knowing.

Erica brought up e-mailing the school councilor today.  She says we can start there so my mom doesn't need to find out yet.  I said yes to pacify her but we never sat down to compare schedules and set a time.  Looks like this "weight at most 125 before meeting with someone" thing is going to be easier than anticipated.  I'm hoping I'll be down to 120 by then but, like I've said before, I have no idea when that is going to be so I don't want to be completely unrealistic.

I'm starting to get hungry...  I've had 420 cals today and I would like to stop there.  Megg and Erica want to go to Taco Bell but there is absolutely NO way I will be eating that!!  If I do eat something it will be green beans.  I've already decided.  They are 40 cals per cup and are much safer to eat (especially at 10 o'clock at night) than anything I would get at Taco Bell!  Unless I get a Fresco Chicken Soft Taco (150 cals) or their Mexican Style Rice side (120 cals).  But I'm trying to avoid that situation all together.  It's just nice to know there are safe options incase I'm forced to eat something.  You never know...  Especially now that Megg and Erica know.  I feel like it's the situation with my Big all over again.  Though my Big was a lot more forceful and angry about the situation.

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