Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hectic Days Moving to School

These past few days have been so hectic!  I moved back up to school yesterday.  I'm now a junior in college!!  I didn't end up fasting any of these days.  I forgot how difficult it gets when I'm about to leave for school.  My mom wanted to spend as much time as possible with me before I left (which I love doing) which included meals...  I didn't eat the same portions that a normal person would so I'm proud.  And then on my last night she made pasta!  One of my favorite meals!!  But I had eaten half of a sandwich earlier and wasn't hungry.  I tried to eat my normal amount of pasta and couldn't get even half-way through it.  And after I had a horrible stomach ache.  My body naturally got rid of some of it.  At least I know my body is helping me not eat too much.

And it happened again today!  I had two slices of pizza for lunch and then went to Moe's for dinner.  Today was the first day I got to see some of my best friends up here so they wanted to go out to eat.  I got half-way through a junior burrito and ate some chips before I felt too full.  Then, about 5 minutes later when we were in Walmart, I felt awful!  I had a bad stomach ache and felt all sweaty.  Don't worry body, I will not be doing that regularly.  Now that it's been a full day since I've been here I'm hoping I won't be roped into meals all the time.  I went grocery shopping today and picked up stuff for the week.  I'm going to make oatmeal breakfast bars (80 cals each) and a spinach and sausage rigatoni dish (300 cals per 1 1/2 cups).

I have an Eat What You Love cookbook that gives low cal recipes for great food!  And each recipe includes a calorie count :D  I know 300 cals is a lot...  That makes 380 for the day though if I don't eat lunch.  And if I don't eat 1 1/2 cups it lowers the total a bit.  I won't make it often but it's one of my fav recipes so I'm treating myself!  I love this cookbook!  I plan to cook my way through it this semester.  As I make things I'll upload pictures so y'all can see.

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  1. Hey girl! I really love your blog! I found it today while looking about the ABC Diet which I'm starting tomorrow! You inspired me to start a blog about my experiences, too. And I have the Eat What You Love cookbook, too! Love it!

    Stay strong, xoxo


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