Monday, November 26, 2012

Dead Scale

So last night I stepped on my scale: 130.2!  I'm getting better :D  Losing weight!  Yes!!

I wake up this morning and remember the numbers: 130.2  Closer to my goal.  Closer to perfect.  Rubbing my eyes I shuffle to the bathroom.  I'm not fully awake but I need to know.  Tap the edge of the scale and wait for it to wake from it's own slumber.  ... Nothing ...  Tap it again.  ... Still nothing ...  Panic begins to set in.  Someone must have taken the battery.  They don't want me to weigh myself anymore!  Sabotage!!  Quick, grab the scale and flip it over.  The battery flings itself to the floor. just came undone.  Stuff it back in, close the backing, and set it on the floor again.  Tap the edge.  ... Nothing ...  Crap, the battery is dead...  No weighing myself this morning.  Am I still 130.2?  Doubtful...  I could have gained at least 2lbs over night.  Guess I'll never know...  Guess this is just a peak into what the rest of the day will hold.

1 comment:

  1. Hun,

    We've both been here for a while now. So when I got nominated for this Liebster Award, it only seemed right that I nominate you too. Check out my blog for the details and questions! Can't wait to see your answers.


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