Sunday, October 28, 2012

I just want to end my life.  Take a bottle of pills and swallow them all.  Then wait for them to hit and kill me.  Last night I had the same thought, but wanted to slit my wrists.  Which I did but not deep enough to do much damage.  Just blood.

But I'm sitting here wondering what would happen if I took the rest of my sertraline pills tonight...  Or took all 50 tablets of ibuprofen.  It could work...  No one is here.  No one can stop me.  No one but myself.  So here's the question: do I have the guts?

1 comment:

  1. Well firstly, don't do the ibuprofen one. Because that won't work. 50 tablet isn't nearly enough, and it might make you a bit sick but you won't die from an ibuprofen overload. Sertraline, well, how many have you got.
    OD is suck a bad way to kill yourself because it is so slow, and 9 times out of ten people don't take the right things, don't take enough, don't die fast enough and are found, get taken to hospital, rescued and then thrown into the mental health unit.
    Suicide is actually not as simple as you'd like to think. Anyway, what I'm trying to say in an extremely clinical way is, just don't do it. The moment passes, it always does. You have someone who is extremely supportive of you, don't let them lose you, and don't be so disrespectful of their efforts to help you.


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