Friday, March 9, 2012

Beach today was a success!!  Laura and I talked about the scars and my cutting.  I told her about Nancy and everything.  I told her that Megg and Erica both know.  How Erica took my x-acto knife and scale and then I bought more.  I even told her how Megg found out...about her walking into my room and seeing my wrist that night I feel asleep.  It was nice.  She is always really easy to talk to about things like that.  No judgement, no anger, just support and understanding.  It's almost like having a buddy who does it, but better.  Because I know she isn't hurting herself.

Unfortunately, I'm burnt as heck.  My whole body.  Mostly my face though.  And even that is only one side since I spent the whole time talking with Laura and my face was turned.  I have no plans to be in the sun till Sunday at Universal Studios though.  It's not an awful burn on my body.  No extreme pain which is good.  I just hope I'm tan once the burn goes away, haha.

And I bought laxatives today for the first time!  I've been having a tough time...well...I could write out the TMI version but I'm just not going to.  These laxatives will just help with that plus it'll cleanse my system.  I bought the CVS brand called "Gentle Laxative Bisacodyl USP" so we'll see how that works.  I'm about to take two tablets (the recommended dosage is between 1 and 3) and then go to sleep.  It says to "expect results in 8-12 hours if taken at bedtime" so that's sometime between 9:00am tomorrow morning and 1:00pm tomorrow afternoon.  We'll see when it hits...

Anyway, just wanted to update you all and let you know life is good!  I've only got a little bit left being home for spring break.  I have all day tomorrow and then I drive back up to school Saturday morning so I've got lots of cleaning and shopping left to do before I go back.  I plan to update again on Monday just because I know I'll be busy till then.  But who knows, maybe I'll pop back on for a brief update before that.

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  1. Oh hun, laxies are a slippery slope. I've not had any for such a long time but I crave them absolutely every single day. Be very careful with them.
    Nice to know that you are doing alright!


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